Football Competition 2019

Mojacar Bowls Club

Summer Football Competition.

The competition will be run on a round robin basis with two groups of 4 pairs, each playing each other twice. The games will be played over 12 ends. Scoring will be as follows :-
1 bowl nearest jack = no score
2 bowls nearest jack = no score
3 bowls nearest jack = 1 goals
And so on

The winner will be the pair with most points. Points will be awarded as 3 points for win and 1 point for draw In the event of a tie the pair with the most goals will be the winner, if still a tie a play off over ? Ends will decide winner

The final will be played over 16 Ends on week 7

Game rules

Normal rules will apply except, The mat will be tossed for at beginning and alternate between pairs untill a goal is scored. When a pair scores a goal they will then retain the mat untill they lose a goal.

Winner of each group will then play in the final


Group "A"                                                       Score                                                                                         Score

Thea Waller & Hazel Pearson                    1                    Donnie Rosie & Hazel Nuttall                   1 

Chris Nuttall & Ann Holden                      1                     Roy Brown & Derek Pearson                   4

Donnie Rosie & Hazel Nuttall                   1                     Chris Nuttall & Ann Holden                     2

Thea Waller & Hazel Pearson                   2                    Roy Brown & Derek Pearson                    0

Donnie Rosie @ Hazel Nuttall                   3                    Roy Brown @ Derek Pearson                    0

Thea Waller @ Hazel Pearson                   1                    Ann Holden @ Chris Nuttall                      0

Group "B"

Roy Savage & Steph Cowling                       2                  Charlie Donaldson & Janet Lawrence         0

Chris Morgan & Vic Wray                            3                  Bernard Power & Dave Cowling                    3

Charlie Donaldson & Janet Lawrence     2                   Chris Morgan & Vic Wray                                0

Roy Savage & Steph Cowling                     0                   Bernard Power & Dave Cowling                    3

Charlie Donaldson @ Janet Lawrence     1                   Bernard Power @ Dave Cowling                    0

Vic Wray @ Chris Morgan                           4                   Roy [email protected] Steph Cowling                           0