Well the pre-elimination rounds of this years Ladies & Men's Singles knockout Competition got off to a good start. Well, on time anyway..... give or take five minutes.

The players looked resplendent in their Bowls club shirts and whites and I think the Markers shirts [They are smart I want one] gave the whole event a professional ambiance.

The bowling at times was breathtaking and at others heartbreaking.But hey this is a knockout competition so there has to be winners and ....runners up.


Well done to my Steph, who kept her nerve this time, to win a hard fought match against a back in form Jan Lawrence.

But the one to keep an eye on, in my humble opinion, is that Wiley old fox Martin Cooke.I watched in awe as time after time he sent his wonder bowls down the same line and on to the jack. Only a man with mysterious powers could such a thing. 23-4 against Donnie Rosie, is outstanding.

As the first session ended, it was great to see the next lot of competitors chomping at the bit to get started.

I am afraid I didn't get to see much of the action on this session as I had to sort out score cards and update schedules in my new capacity as the acting temporary assistant to the competitions Secretary. [Derek how do you do it?]

Anyway, well done to all the winners of both sessions and commiserations to the runners up.

I have posted all the results, so far, on the website and the order of play over the rest of the week, culminating in the two Finals on Saturday after roll up.

I have added a couple of photo's I took today because that's what the roving reporter does, except on this occasion they are definitely not my finest work. I shall try harder tomorrow.

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