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Highlights of this year's MBC CHRISTMAS PARTY from a rather fragile not so roving reporter this morning.
The good news my phone was fully charged ready for the evening. The bad news .... I forgot to bring it with me!! So all the pictures were taken on the visiting daughters phone.
First of all a great big thank you to Terry and Sue for organising yet another fantastic MBC Get together.
Here are the early evening pictures of hopefully... everyone. And all looking resplendent in their finery. Don’t you all scrub up well!



More from the Roving Reporter

Here are a few more photos for your perusal, shortly after Marilyn Shipley got this party started.
Look out for Dave Tapp AKA Nobby No Mates with all his golfing buddies. We had much more fun! Even his wife came and danced with us. If you are wondering who the little bevvy of beauties are..... They were all posing to have their photo taken, so I took one! I also noticed another roving reporter taking snaps so look out for more photos of a wonderful evening on Facebook and the website soon.
Feliz Navidad & Feliz año nuevo

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