Replay of abandonded League match

Good afternoon LIVE from MBC
Your intrepid roving reporter is here today for the rescheduled match against the Ramblers from ABC after rain stopped play a couple of weeks ago. The teams have started with the same scores they had when it was abandoned.
Unfortunately two of our players have since returned to the UK, so we are only fielding 3 teams.
Fear not though, as I am pleased to report that at this moment none of our teams are losing.
9-9 Izzy and co, 16-11 Charlie’s angels and wait for it.... 18-4 to Derek’s dynamos.
I shall return with the final scores shortly. GO LEVANTE!

Hot off the press and still LIVE the first team in Charlie’s Angels... It’s a win. 18-15 well done boys.

Here comes the next final score. Yes another win for LEVANTE 25-11 to Derek and his dynamic duo of Chris Morgan and Maureen Halliwell Can we make it 3 out of 3? this space!!

Here it is..... I am afraid it’s not good news for Izzy and Co.

But what a last end battle..
We are holding the two bowls we need to draw, just the skips to play. Izzy can win the game with a third bowl near the jack..
The Almeria skip takes out the jack and kills the end. Replay the end.
Now Izzy has one bowl left on this end and no chance of getting the three shots required, so she takes out the jack and kills the end. Replay the end.. again!!
Roy and Thea were as brave as lions in the closing stages of this game and even the mighty roars of maybe, a little biased crowd, could not spur our heroic Izzy on at the end, losing by a very respectable 15-12. Hard luck guy’s, well played everyone.
Oh if you want the final points and placings, then you need to contact Charlie or someone who understands the scoring system, I am afraid it’s far to complicated for this humble reporter. So until next time this is the roving reporter saying “Keep your bowls clean for Christmas “