Zurgena REWIND 11's Red Army


Roving Reporter REWIND.

Do you remember yesterday? Not a cloud in the afternoon sky and a balmy 25 degrees.

That was the day our 11 man Red army ascended from the Almanzora valley to take on those magnificent men [& women] in their flying machines from Zergena [well red, Spitfires & hurricanes anyway]

Alas, after chocks away at 2.oclock it soon became clear that We were the the ones who would be 'scrambling to take flight, as each end, they were able to press home the advantage of their artificial lawn.

DO NOT DESPAIR my avid readers.....there was one highlight of the afternoon.

The Red Baron Derek von Weeks, his wife Barbara and yes, yours truly, had a triples dogfight of all dogfights, not just beating them under those azure skies but shooting them down in flames. 31-6.

Now, it is time to leave for a damp and dismal rendezvous at our Mojacar bowls club to take on the Indalo pheonix lets hope it is us who rise from the ashes and earn a great victory.