2 Wood Mixed Pairs Round Robin

Monday 13th January is the start of the eagerly awaited first club competition of the year.

2 WOOD MIXED PAIRS ROUND ROBIN  Organised with Military precision by Derek & Barbara Weeks.

I have photographed and posted all the info off the Notice Board.

Thanks to Dave & Chris Fletcher for standing in at short notice to make Team C.

First of all meet the Gladiators

Dave & Chris Fletcher                                           John Woods & Pat Hook                              Tony & Tish Millington                               Martin & Val Cooke              

Derek & Barbara Weeks                                          Dave & Steph Cowling                              Mike & Joyce Brown                            Stewart Tauber & Jan Lawrence  

Donnie & Izzy Rosie                                                                            

Here are the latest results after the first Day of Play. Well done Team A, Izzy and Donnie