Corstorphine BC, 2019


During the afternoon of 7th October 2019, the Mojacar Bowls Club had the opportunity and pleasure of competing against a visiting team from the Corstorphine Bowls Club in Scotland.

Corstorphine Bowls Club was originally established in 1891and situated approximately 5 km west of Edinburgh .

The Corstorphine visiting bowling team included approximately 40 bowlers who took the opportunity of making a special entrance by marching from the Servigroup Marina Playa Hotel to the Mojacar Bowls Club with a piper leading the way playing the bagpipes, a truly stirring moment not seen or heard before here in Mojacar.

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Prior to the bowls match, a ‘spider’ took place where all competitors do their best to cast their bowl at a target in the middle of the bowls green, the nearest of which won a bottle of Tamnavulin single malt scotch whisky, a prize indeed to focus the minds of everyone.

 2019:10:7 1368bb

The usual exchange of gifts was made between the captains of the visiting club and Mojacar Bowls Club, following which the competition started in earnest.

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The bowls match took place with the usual very competitive but friendly atmosphere, the occasion was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.