Bowling Etiquette

Etiquette on the Bowling Green

The rules of etiquette on the Bowling green applies to all members and visiting players alike.

Etiquette is based on common sense and courtesy to help make your game an enjoyable and memorable occasion in both Rollups and competitions.

Where a particular situation is not covered in these rules, common sense and courtesy must prevail at all times.

These rules are intended to compliment and not contravene the Laws of the sport of Bowls


Entry onto the green to your rink must be by the steps provided to protect against debris being transmitted unnecessarily onto the green, never access the green from the sides of the bowling green. 

When entering or leaving the green, do not walk across the line of sight of someone about to bowl, always respect those on other rinks who may still be playing by stopping until they have finished their turn.

Respect the green and never run on the green.

The use of ‘’Grippo’’ or other substance intended to provide extra grip of the woods is not allowed. 

Only approved footwear with flat smooth heel less soles may be worn which are kept for the single purpose of bowling. 

Woods must not be dropped onto the green either from outside the green or when standing on the green.

Any Bowler wishing to play only half a game must make a mutually agreed arrangement with another member and must also inform the captain, prior to the team draw being made before commencement of play.

At the start of the game, each skip should introduce his team to his opponents, they shake hands and the skips normally toss a coin to decide who will bowl first. At the end of the game, the two teams shake hands once again.

During play, leads may vary the location of the mat, which can be taken as far up as the first white marker at the sides of the green, this also helps to reduce wear and tear on the green.

During a game, never distract the bowler in possession of the mat either by talking or moving.

Playersmust remain within their rink during play and when changing ends must not wander into any adjacent rinks.

Do not remove a stray wood if a player on the next rink is about to bowl.

Skips should endeavour to be an inspiration to their team and also help them to relax and enjoy their game. 

Bowlers should stay on the mat until their wood stops, at that time possession of the mat passes to the opposing teams player.

It is polite for the leads to place their opponents wood near the mat whilst he/she is setting the jack and also to do the same for the appropriate skip whenever they change ends.

Marking (checking the head at the finish of an end) in triples is done by the No. 2s and in rinks by the No. 3s. All other members of both teams should at that time stay away from the head and refrain from comment until the decision of shot allocation has been agreed.

Please Note: This list is not exhaustive, it is merely intended as a reminder of etiquette that we all sometimes forget.