New Bowls Green

Construction of New Bowls Green


Contract allocation & signing by the Lady mayor, Deputy Mayor, builder

and the Ayuntamiento Lawyer with MBC President & V President witnesses to the occasion ~ 2013

001. Contract Sig


A View of the site for the Bowls Green before the start of construction.

001a, carpark~2012-1a


A Step by Step record of the Construction of the Bowls Green.

Work was commmenced on the bowls green foundation at the start of May and finished by the end of August 2013,

The underlay and carpet were fitted at the end of August with work on the security fence completed by October 2013.

002a. JCB.6-7 May  003a. Gravel.11 May

Foundation being dug out and laser levelled.                            Delivery & distribution of foundation gravel

004a. Rake.13 May  005a. Compaction.14 May  

Gravel compaction by laser control to ensure level.                  Compacted gravel allowed to settle.     

006a. Drain. 27 May  007a. Ditch wall. 14 June

Ditches and bowls green drainage dug out & constructed.        Bowls green walls construction + positioning of steel mesh    

008a. Concrete. 17 June  009a. Ditch wall. 21 June

Base concrete poured and levelled by laser.                              More work on perimeter walls.

010a. Top Screed 5 July  011a. Base slits 20 Aug

Top screed levelled by laser control.                                          Drainage slits in concrete base.

012a. Wall Top.21 Aug  013a. Underlay.27 Aug

External drains dug & perimeter walls completed                     Delivery & Laying carpet underlay.

014a. Carpet...28 Aug  015a. Carpet...30 Aug

Laying & stretching of the carpet.                                              The two man contract carpet layers

016a.Fence Poles.20 Sept  017a.Secy Fence.21 Sept

Completion of external drains outside bowls green & positioning of security fence posts around the bowls green perimeter.

018a.Secy Fence.25 Sept

All construction work finished following completion of security fence ~ end of September 2013