Ladies and Mens Singles Championship 2020


Sunday 23rd February is the start of the eagerly awaited Ladies & Men’s singles competition .

The championship is usually Organised with Military precision by Derek & Barbara Weeks.

Well until they get back on Monday its all up to yours truly...

I have photographed and reprinted all the info off the Notice Board.

The names have been drawn under the close scrutiny of Hazel [no nonsense] Pearson.

The First 4 pre-elimination games will kick off on Sunday 23rd February at 10 oclock sharp.


Played under World Bowl Rules... except for the bit about not re-spotting the jack on the nearest side cross after a dead end [we HAVE got them so we might as well use them] Nuff said.

During the match 'VISITING THE HEAD' will be restricted to AFTER both players 2nd Bowl has been sent.

We would encourage you to utilise your Marker to give you information whilst you have the mat.

The Marker will also be responsible for filling out the score card correctly in the first place and ensuring the correct information is recorded on them during the match

He will also assist in measuring if required and also clearing the head with a trolley and updating the scoreboard.  No pressure then!

Rinks to be drawn just before the start of each session. 2,3,4 & 5 only

First player to score 21 points goes through to the next round

Players to arrange an independent Marker

Only 2 bowls per player on each trial end.

Good luck everybody, may the best Man & Lady win.

Here are the latest results after the first Day of Play. I will try to keep these sheets updated Daily, but no promises.