2018 Anniversary day

         2018 Anniversary

Our Clubs 4th Anniversary was held on Tuesday 6th March, in keeping with previous years an open competition was held that attracted seventy eight competitors from three local clubs.
To mark the occasion, the deputy mayor of mojacar, the sports councilor and Senor Ricardo Escudero Director of Servigroup Hotels (Mojacar) officiated.
Everyone had a really good day that was made all the more enjoyable with the lovely weather and the comfortable relaxing surroundings of the newly completed clubhouse greatly enhanced when the paella and a selection of food was made available.
Trophys for the competition were presented by Ricardo.

Winners of the round robin competition were: Janet Jackson, Ian Jackson and Jean Smallwood from Cabrera Bowls Club
Runners up were: Kath Patrick, Graeme Patrick and Wayne Roberts from Almeria Bowls Club

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