And they’re Off.. At exactly 09.57 local time the first bowls were sent down our hallowed turf, alright, carpet then!
For our eagerly awaited 6th Anniversary 2 wood triples open competition.
We have tightened the security this year as some competitors were guilty of pilfering the pies before lunch... So this year if your names not down you ain’t getting in.. talk to the table.
Back at 12 to update you with the latest scores.

The scores are in from the first matches and there is no respite for the Roving Reporter/ trainee assistant to the Competition Secretary and website apprentice.
The Scores are recorded for you, but like the Rosetta Stone, you need the fabled team sheet to decode who won and who didn’t. As a matter of fact some of these scorecards look as if they were filled in using hieroglyphics!!

Back after Two for the next results update.

And the latest scores are in, after all the teams have played 2 games.
back after lunch, the tables are groaning with all the delicious food on them. Picture of cake and other scrummy things late

Well the cake has been devoured and the last of the sandwiches have curled up on the plates and we are down to the final. I am proud to announce that the final WILL be won by a team from Mojacar... no I am not Carnac (google it)
Both finalists are our own Mojácar Teams.... go MBC

Drum roll please.....

And the winners are

The indefatigable Izzy McKay, Donnie Rosie and the pint sized powerhouse that is Chris Gill. Well done girls and boy