Oyez, Oyez, Oyez, come hither all you bowling aficionado's it's time for our very own Gladiators to enter the Colossium..... or, Mojacar bowls club as it is better known. There was a great crowd in attendance  this afternoon waiting to be entertained by our eight Herculean quarter finalists.

On rink two, that wiley old fox Martin Cooke with his Mysterious power, was up against The Red Baron Von Weeks who was magnificent in his dogfight on Monday, bringing down the plucky Scot, Charlie Donaldson.

On rink 3 were the New Kids on the block, Stewart Tauber and the dark horse of the tournament Graham Downing.

On the hated and most despised rink Four... Yes you guessed it, yours truly up against the mighty Tony Millington.

And finally on rink 5, the Towering Tony Freeman was measuring up the in form Bernard [the] Power. 

Sorry Peeps, I can't give you any live reports on any of these matches as I was fighting for my life, against that bowling phenomenon which is Tony Millington.

What were the scores I hear you say,

Well here they are, in no particular order,

Graham 21 Stewart 7 ,

Derek 21 Martin 19. 

Tony M 21 Dave C 16

Tony F 21 Bernard 8

So now its  a look forward to tomorrows Men & Ladies Semi finals to be played at 10.oclock sharp because we've got our bowls club lunch in the afternoon, Liver and bacon for me, yum yum report to follow....eventually.

The Semi Finalists are

Derek Weeks - Tony Millington

Tony Freeman - Graham Downing

Steph Cowling - Chris Gill

Izzy McKay - Joyce Brown

Good Luck Everyone [Especially my Steph of course]